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Player name: Stareyes
Contact: beccastareyes @ plurk
Characters currently in-game: N/a

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Tazendra / Dzurlord Sorcerer
Every citizen of the Empire of Dragaera, from a peasant child to the heir, has a link to the Imperial Orb, which orbits the head of the ruling Emperor and is linked to the power of the Great Sea of Chaos. The basics of sorcery -- the science of psychically drawing on power from the Sea through the Orb -- are considered part of a full noble's education. However, some have the time and inclination to make a detailed study of shaping power from the Orb and become known as sorcerers. Sorcery has many uses, but those of the House of the Dzur, such as Tazendra, turn it to much the same use as they turn their blades to: becoming great warriors.

However, despite the martial focus of sorcery in Tazendra's hands, she has the basic knowledge that lets her use her magic for something other than bigger and bigger explosions. Sorcery is the manipulation of matter and energy, after all. The final skill, Teleport, was first successfully used by Tazendra in her own world, and permitted travel from place to place.
Strengths: Unlike the mages of Crystallis, which depend on their own MP to cast spells, Tazendra's spells are powered through her link to the Orb. While she can get mentally fatigued just as swinging a sword around makes her physically fatigued, she never runs out of energy to throw into a spell. The spell selection is also versatile, including attack spells and ones that can manipulate the battle field. Furthermore, Tazendra can create 'flashstones', which allow her to share her spells with others. If Tazendra knows she has downtime, she may construct these.

Weaknesses: Dragaeran sorcery has an unusual tendency to react to metal. A sword or jewelry is usually not enough, especially on a battle field, but armor cannot be worn around combat spells. That means even if Tazendra has a job that allows for armor equipped, her spells will be likely to include her as a target. Dragaeran sorcery also requires Tazendra to be able to concentrate: casting spells while tired or under some status conditions that disrupt concentration can not just lead to a lack of spell, but a backfire of the energy used. This is true even for Tazendra's non-damaging spells.

Initial Citizenship Provides a link to the Imperial Orb, allowing power to be drawn, and communication with others linked to the Orb. Also has a clock function.
One Month Energy Channel Low-level fire attack spell.
Two Months Flashstone Links a low-power spell into a stone for others to discharge.
Three Months Armor-Seeking Spells have increased change to hit and double damage of spells against targets with large amounts of metal (armored or machine targets).
Four Months Sorcerous Study Energy Channel may be cast at mid-level or low-level.
Six Months Illusion Creates light and sounds. Can be used to give the Blind status effect, or drown out other sounds or to create actual illusions.
Nine Months Orb Enhancement Raises ‘Flashstone’ to mid-level and low-level spells and Energy Channel to any-level spells.
One Year Teleport Allows user to return to a place they have been (or seen via telepathy).
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Olivier Armstrong
Why, if she were human, she would be unmistakable as a Dragonlord. It is remarkable that such a person could exist as an Easterner.
Aerich (Temma)
Bah, I cannot keep to two words on Aerich. He is one of my oldest friends, and my Duke, and the very embodiment of honor and duty to Her Majesty and the Empire, those sworn to his service, and his friends. If he were not a Lyorn… well, he would not be Aerich, but if he were not a Lyorn and I not a Dzur, I would consider him exactly the sort I would wish to wed.
Another clever Easterner warrior, but one who resembles a human. It is easy to forget how very young she is at times.
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Symbols | Hover for meaning


5 - Raven
() Tazendra meets Raven: he flirts with her, she fails to notice that his flattery has a motive.
13 - Olivier
() Tazendra volunteers to train Heroes at Olivier's training center.
25* - Bartz
() Tazendra and Bartz discuss the time loop.
28 - n/a
() Tazendra gets a job as a magical researcher.

Mostly September was a follow-up for August. Tazendra decided to help research things at the lab. She also cemented a respect for Olivier.

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Name: Stareyes
Preferred Pronoun: She/etc.
Contact: [plurk.com profile] beccastareyes

Name: Tazendra Lavode, Baroness Daavya. (Note Lavode is a title, not a surname)
Canon: Khaavren Romances, Dragaera series
Pull-point: Her death at the end of Sethra Lavode

Permissions opt-in: N/a

Content opt-out: N/a

Age: Around 1000. In Dragaeran terms this is well into adulthood, perhaps approaching early middle age. (The analogies aren't exact: Dragaerans live around 3000 years, but they are well into adolescence by 100, so they have a far more extended adulthood than baseline humans. Tazendra had been a grown woman for some time, and her agemates have children who are reaching adulthood, but she's nowhere near old age, even ignoring the extended lifespan of sorcerers).

Gender/Sex: Female

Appearance: Tazendra is around seven and a half feet tall, with dark hair and eyes, and brown skin (my chosen PB is actually a bit light in many of her shots). She has pointed ears and her face has high cheekbones, slanted eyes, a long nose and a strong chin. Despite icons, her hair is straight and she has a distinct widow's peak. She's described as a beauty, who still has the looks of a woman half her age. Given she swings around a heavy sword, she has some degree of muscles. She normally wears almost exclusively black.

History: Tazendra was born to the Baron and Baroness of Daavya, sworn to the Duke of Arylle, and members of the House of the Dzur, the Dragaeran Empire caste most noted for heroism and suicidal bravery. When she was a child, Arylle was invaded by mercenaries and her parents were killed protecting the Duke's son. In addition, her parents had pretended to be running from battle to discourage pursuit of their charge, so Tazendra grew up believing her parents had been disgraced.

As it happened, when Tazendra was a young woman, she made three friends, one of whom (Temma, who went by Aerich) was the Duke of Arylle's son. The four joined the new Phoenix Emperor's personal guard, and, thanks to getting stuck into politics, nearly were killed by an army and locked away for life. However, this did give Aerich a chance to reclaim Arylle and clear Tazendra's parents' names. Tazendra retired to become a baroness and study sorcery.

Five hundred years later, news of problems in the capital lead Tazendra and Aerich to return to assist their friend Khaavren, who was now captain of the Phoenix Guard. While they were able to unearth another conspiracy and save Khaavren's life, they were unable to prevent a failed coup that blew up the capital in a magical backlash.

Tazendra's continued distaste for sitting still meant she eventually drifted into service of Sethra Lavode, a wizard who had been alive for as long as the Dragaeran Empire, and considered herself its protector. Sethra asked Tazendra to escort the Phoenix Heir, Zerika, to the gates of the Dragaeran afterlife to retrieve the Imperial Orb, an artifact lost in the destruction of the capital. This extended into protecting Zerika from those who wanted to be Emperor, and discovering some of her and her friends' old enemies were working for other factions. Zerika was able to retrieve the Orb and make her capital in a city held by Khaavren's wife, a Countess.

That finally caught up with them when two of their enemies kidnapped Tazendra in an attempt to draw her friends out, using power from the enemies of the gods to aid them. Khaavren and their other friend, Pel, were part of Zerika's government, but Aerich was asked by Sethra to look for her, and Tazendra's personal servant, Mica, had set out on his own. They discovered where Tazendra was being held, Mica managed to distract her captors so Tazendra could work free, and was killed. Seeing Mica killed and Aerich in danger, Tazendra flipped out and unleashed a massive amount of sorcery, managing to kill one of her captors before the other stabbed her in the back.

Personality: Tazendra is a straightforward woman, who loves studying magic, gambling, generally carousing and occasionally dueling when someone happens to seriously piss her off or she’s bored. And she's easily bored, so usually can be found out and about -- or studying magic, or perhaps painting (a hobby she picked up in prison, as her cellmate was a noted artist). She can be pretty damn arrogant, though she doesn't mind admitting when she doesn't know something. People mistake her for stupid because her attention and focus can be very selective: if it's not something she's interested in, she probably doesn't remember much about it, or care that she's ignorant of something.

Tazendra doesn’t hold grudges, but she is quick to challenge others when slighted, and has a strong bloodlust. Most people would describe her as affable, despite this, as she still cultivates friendships and doesn't start arguments to have an excuse to fight. She tends to be blunt, and is widely known for her complete inability to keep a secret when you bring up a subject.

Growing up in the Dragaeran Empire, means that Tazendra really doesn't rank physical harm or even killing as high on the moral wrong scale provided it's done in a duel or self-defense or at least in a semi-honorable fashion against someone who should know how to defend oneself. Conversely, Tazendra ranks risk of dying as a lot more desirable than many things, including cowardice and boredom. In short, she's an adrenaline junkie, especially when it comes to fighting.

Combat: Tazendra is an expert swordswoman. She's favored both one handed and two handed blades, depending on if she needs her off hand for spellcasting.

Riding: Tazendra can ride or fight on horseback.

Other Skills: Tazendra knows fashion, and has taken up painting. She is an indifferent gambler, but has a remarkable tolerance for alcohol.

Lack of fear/berserker rage: Like many Dzurlords, Tazendra does not feel fear at all like a normal person, and can be roused to a berserker rage if you threaten her friends. It’s said that a berserking Dzurlord is a danger to anything living around her until whatever causes the rage is dealt with, though the one time we see Tazendra in such a state, she remains focused on her target (and everyone else has the sense to not get in her way).

Sorcery: With mod permission, I'd like the music of Arda to substitute for Tazendra's normal power source for the sorcery. That will cause a number of differences. She'd be unable to draw much power (as noted in the FAQ), so any destructive sorcery would be limited to the personal scale or would be something that would take her out in terms of physical and mental consequences. The fact Tazendra has been practicing sorcery for hundreds of years and is still alive means that she'll pick up what limits are on this new power source.

Most sorcery in the Dragaera setting is mediated by the Imperial Orb, an artifact that is NOT coming with her (it belongs to Her Majesty the Empress anyway). Without the Orb's safeguards, any non-destructive use of power would require at least ten to fifteen minutes of focus, or the power will not stay contained and might explode. As the music is powering Tazendra's magic, not acting like the filter the Orb is, she'll have to default to her methods for casting without the Orb.

Destructive uses of power is mostly tossing energy around: flashes of light or heat or electrical energy, loud booming sounds, and so on. Tazendra might be able to manage a gust of wind as the limit without that ten to fifteen minutes focus. Basically, her limit will be controlling what form she puts energy in, but not any refinement: so a flash of light rather than an illusion.

Non-destructive uses of her power would include: illusions of sound and light (though these would take full focus as long as they last given how much control Tazendra needs), and wards that could detect intruders. I'd infer that Tazendra wouldn't cast a spell on herself or an ally (given the risk of the spell getting out of control) and would generally keep them away from people -- around a campsite, not in it.

Tazendra could also store some of her destructive spells in an object (typically round stones, carefully prepared), allowing another to trigger it with a mental command. They have the explosive power of a early single-shot firearm (focused, but without a bullet), and can hold up to three charges. These do take a good part of a day to shape, and can be set off by a rival mage.

Sorcery is typically powered by amorphia, a substance that is not naturally occurring anywhere and hard to stabilize. It would be the sort of thing I'd have to approach the mods for: while stabilized amorphia can be mistaken for a gemstone, it's also something Tazendra would secure if only to make sure no one destabilizes it. Including it in Arda would make her exceedingly nervous. (It's about the level of finding large amounts of antimatter in terms of that.)

Inventory: Nope. She's coming at a bad time.

Anything else: She's going to be unable to tell humans and dwarfs (and hobbits, if we get any). You're all short and hairy.
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Some references to the post for Tu Shanshu

Tazendra doesn't know the date she left her world, but she could get it from Aerich now. They both left on 3rd of Jhegaala (day 258), in the 2nd year of Zerika IV.

She arrived on Penrose on Day 26 and her last activity was Day 101. So that's 76 days, placing her at Day 46 of the new year. That's the 8th of Lyorn in the 3rd year of Zerika IV. That corresponds to the 25th of February, 2015. It's been 85 days since then, which is the 131th day, or the 12th of Tsalmoth. This is in the middle of the Dragaeran summer. She's been gone for 161 days, or 9.5 months, a bit more than half a year.

I think at this point, someone (probably Mogmi) has explained the local calendar to Tazendra, but she's still thinking in terms of 5 day weeks, and 17 day months.
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Name: Tazendra
Age: ~1000 (appears in her late 20s)
Gender: Female
Canon: Dragaera series
Canon Point: end of Sethra Lavode + game experience
Link to Application: App!

Moogle Name: Mogmi
Moogle Gender: Female

Employment: Pallitutu's Lab (started Oct. 2015), Full-Time Assistant (8 months)

Jobs: Paladin (max)/Dark Knight (6 months) (Inactive: Gambler (7.5 months), Custom (max), Ghostbuster (6.5 months), Warrior (max), Black Mage (max), Time Mage (max), Santa Claus (7.5 months), Crystal Researcher (2.75 months)) Onion Knight (5 jobs)
Limit Break: Elder Sorcery: Tazendra draws on the raw force of chaos to do massive magical non-elemental damage to all enemies.
Job Master: Expands the Job limit from five to ten.
Multi Exp: Stored Jobs receive 1/4 of exp even when unequipped.

March: Gained Black mage, Gained Paladin, +2 months black mage, +2 months paladin
April: Gained Gambler, +3 months Gambler, +2 months black mage, +2 months paladin
May: Gained Pirate, +3 months Pirate, +2 months black mage, +2 months paladin
June: +2 months black mage, +2 months paladin
July: Event: +4 months paladin, +2 months black mage
August: Event: +2 months black mage, +4 months pirate
September: Gained Time Mage. Switched from Black Mage to Time Mage. +2 months time mage
October: Gained Ghostbuster. +2 months Ghostbuster, + 2 months Time Mage
November: Gained Warrior. +2 months warrior, +2 months time mage.
December: Gained Santa Claus. +2 months warrior, +2 months time mage.
January: +2 months warrior (+1/2 month Gambler, Pirate, Ghostbuster, Santa)
February: Gained Custom Job, +2 months Custom, +2 months warrior, (+1/2 month Gambler, Pirate, Ghostbuster, Santa)
March: +1 month custom, +1 month warrior (+1/4 month Gambler, Pirate, Ghostbuster, Santa)
April: +3 month custom, +3 month warrior (+3/4 month Gambler, Pirate, Ghostbuster, Santa)
May: +2 months custom. Switched Warrior to Paladin, then to Black Mage at mid-month. (+1/2 month Gambler, Pirate, Ghostbuster, Santa)
June: +2 month custom (+1/2 month Gambler, Pirate, Ghostbuster, Santa)
July: Gained Bearer of Wisdom (2 months), Gained Dark Knight (Dropped Pirate), switched from Black Mage to Dark Knight; +2 months custom, +3 months Dark Knight, (+3/4 month Gambler, Ghostbuster, Santa, Bearer of Wisdom)
August: Switched from Custom to Paladin; Gained Crystal Researcher (Dropped Bearer of Wisdom) +3 months Dark Knight, (+3/4 month Gambler, Ghostbuster, Santa, Crystal researcher)
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Name: Stareyes
Age: 30
Personal Journal: beccastareyes
Contact: beccastareyes at gmail, beccastareyes at Plurk
Other In-Game Characters: Nanami

Character (Game Transplant)
Name: Tazendra
Age: Around 1000. this is about equivalent to a human in their 30s. Tazendra looks somewhat younger, as is common for those who study magic heavily.
Gender: Female
Canon: Dragaera books
Canon Point: end of Sethra Lavode
Former Game: Saudade
Canon History: http://dragaera.wikia.com/wiki/Tazendra
Game History: Saudade was a game inspired by Kingdom Hearts, so elements like moogles and the basic magic system are similar, while other things are going to be very different.

Basically, near-death, Tazendra was pulled into the Darkness between worlds. She encountered another 'drifter' -- Loki (from the Marvel universe) -- and was healed and pulled from the Darkness by a Finder of Penrose. The Penrosians didn't know why people sometimes ended up in the Darkness, only that they were in danger unless anchored to a world. The leader of the Finders, Serafina, used a bit of magic to anchor Tazendra to Penrose.

Life in Penrose was punctuated with trips to other worlds to get supplies and check on the Lanterns that helped sustain the world against Darkness. Tazendra suffered a bit of body dysphoria on such trips, as the magic reshaped the visitors to match the world. She also learned about such things as sexism and what it was to be on the other side of racism: one of her trips was to Victorian England, and the fact she was a dark-skinned woman meant that she didn't pass without comment. (She may have upended a bachelors' boarding house looking for the world's Lantern on that mission: rather than pose as a servant, she entered via the front and just punched anyone who objected.)

Tazendra grew quite attached to Loki as a friend: both were of the same age, interested in magic, and it was suggested by the Penrosians that people found together had a certain natural bond. She also had adopted a few of the less combat trained Drifters as people to look out for. However, she often found Penrose to be a bit boring. When the option to train as a Finder -- one who locates people in the Darkness and escorts them to Penrose -- came, she jumped at it.

Tazendra is a straightforward woman, who loves studying magic, gambling, generally carousing and occasionally dueling when someone happens to seriously piss her off or she’s bored. Tazendra comes across as confident to the point of arrogant in her abilities, especially her abilities in a fight -- she's been known to ask people to bring friends if she doesn't think fighting them on their own will be interesting. She also brags a lot about her exploits, and stretches the truth, usually unintentionally. On the other hand, she isn't too arrogant to admit what she doesn't know; she's been known to ask some damn stupid questions and tell her friends she doesn't understand something without any shame. She is comfortable with the image of being the 'dumb bruiser', even if she's far from stupid.

Instead of being stupid, Tazendra is a selective sort of impatient. She is a skilled sorceress which occasionally means focusing on one thing for quite some time, but she has no patience for court politics and leaves tactical plans beyond ‘let’s change them!’ to her friends. This also covers her observation skills -- if it’s not magical or combat related, she generally leaves the deductive skills to others, and ignores things like ‘hey, those two nobles are acting funny’.

Tazendra doesn’t hold grudges -- in fact, she barely remembers Garland, Grita or Illista -- but she is quick to challenge others when slighted, and has a strong bloodlust. Most people would describe her as affable, but most people where she's from take care to not insult a member of the House of the Dzur, as it's considered a form of self-injury (if not suicide) in the Empire. She tends to be blunt, and is widely known for her complete inability to keep a secret when you bring up a subject -- Pel once told her to not tell Khaavren something, and she let it slip in her first conversation, as Pel had intended. She does feel rather ashamed of this... at least ashamed for her, which means 'bad until something else happens to distract her'.

Growing up in the Dragaeran Empire -- where reincarnation is a fact, and one can journey to entrance of the the afterlife by horse -- means that Tazendra really doesn't rank physical harm or even killing as high on the moral wrong scale provided it's done in a duel or self-defense or at least in a semi-honorable fashion against someone who should know how to defend oneself. Granted, if you try to kill her or her friends or anyone who can't defend themselves, she'll try to kill you, but... well, if it's for a good reason, she's not likely to take it personally.

Conversely, Tazendra ranks risk of dying as a lot more desirable than many things, including cowardice and boredom. In short, she's an adrenaline junkie, especially when it comes to fighting. In general, the worse the odds, the happier Tazendra is, since it means she's being challenged and there will be ample opportunity for honor and glory. This comes to the point where she will refuse to fight or injure anyone she perceives as too weak, as it would be dishonorable. This disdain for picking on the weak is coupled with a high degree of noblesse obligee. Tazendra is quite willing to take umbrage to bullies and punch them to the curb to rescue others; in fact, others have used this to provoke Tazendra into a fight or to hurt her -- it's far more painful to her to watch others suffer and die without being able to help than it is to be maimed or even die. In general, mind games and such are a far better way to hurt Tazendra than physical torture.

The major change living in Saudade for 70 days was that Tazendra had her expectations shaken up. She had gone from a position of social and magical power: nobility and a powerful sorceress, to one where she had to relearn magic and find an actual job. She'll adapt a bit quicker to Crystalis based on this, and to living in a society where she's still a minority (and a minority of of one). She's a bit less dismissive of non-Dragaerans, though she still assumes she's more trained with physical weapons than anyone who is less than a thousand years old. (She concedes magic, as her first entrance into Saudade involved her life literally being saved by a teenaged boy's healing magic.)

She also had to deal with the fact that she'd gone from a violent society to one at peace. Tazendra was never quite satisfied with Penrose because of that, and was often happiest on missions because they lead to conflict. That and she didn't have to deal with the fallout of getting into bar fights or breaking and entering because she was On a Mission (or being directed to kill a bunch of evil spirits because they were evil). She had been starting to channel her aggressive tendencies into becoming a Finder, as testing herself against the Darkness was almost as satisfying as a fight, as well as re-learning magic. In some ways that will make her transition easier: Heroing is one of her skills. In others, the fact she will have lost her combat prowess along with having to relearn magic again will be demoralizing. On the other hand, suddenly everything is a challenge again!

Third-Person Sample:
http://saudade-logs.dreamwidth.org/29283.html -- Tazendra tries to find a job
http://saudade-logs.dreamwidth.org/33299.html -- Tazendra's first assignment as a Finder.
Mognet Sample:
I wonder. I have been to many worlds in the last months, and yet I find myself here. While the moogles I have met in the past were quite familiar with the concept, none here -- of which the worthy Mogmi, who has been asked to tend to me -- know of what I speak. The magic seems similar, though the peoples resemble more the Easterners of my home than the natives of Penrose. And these Crystals are knew.

Has any of you Heroes of Light heard of such a place as Penrose? Or, some of the other lands i have been, though I do not know their names.

Or the Empire of Dragaera? It was my home, and I have been away for some months. It would be a comfort to see it again, and to meet others from the Empire. Do you know, this is the longest I have been outside of the Empire?

Well, it is no matter. I shall keep this brief and limit myself to those questions. It is tolerably strange to pen so short a note.

Moogle Name: Mogmi
Moogle Gender: Female.
First Job: Black Mage
Second Job: Paladin
Limit Break: Elder Sorcery: Tazendra draws on the raw force of chaos to do massive magical non-elemental damage to all enemies.


Dec. 7th, 2014 07:19 pm
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Tazendra arrived on the Turtle on 19 April, 2013 (day 108). By her reference, this is the 3rd of Jhegaala (day 258), in the 2nd year of Zerika IV (That is the year of the Dragon, turn of the Phoenix, phase of the Phoenix, reign of the Phoenix, cycle of the Phoenix, great cycle of the Dragon -- 2/1/1/1/1/2). Tazendra spent a good portion of the previous year asleep. (I'm putting her capture/the attack on Daavya on 10 Lyorn earlier that year.)

All these cycles are counts of 17. 17 is a Significant Number.

For my reference, the New Year starts in spring. The first day of summer is 5 Hawk (day 73). Assuming a circular orbit, that would put the first day of spring at 1 Phoenix (New Year). That would put first day of autumn at 8 Vallista, and first day of winter at 13 Yendi. If the 'first days' are cross-quarters, spring equinox is 2 Lyorn, summer solstice is 6 Issola, autumn equinox is 11 Iorich, and winter solstice is 14 Teckla.)

(The cycle goes Phoenix, Dragon, Lyorn, Tiassa, Hawk, Dzur, Issola, Tsalmoth, Vallista, Jhereg, Iorich, Chreotha, Yendi, Orca, Teckla, Jhegaala, Athyra.)

The battle with Malicant started on 10 November, 2014 (day 314 of the year). By her reckoning, this is 570 days on the Turtle. It was 8 days from her 2nd Turtle-versary*, so it was 12 Teckla (day 250) of the 4th year of Zerika IV's reign (4/1/1/1/1/2)

Tazendra returned to waking in Tu Shanshu 8 December 2015 (day 342 of the year). That means she's spent 963 days on the turtle. (By her count, 3 years, 5 months, 11 days) This is the 6th year of Zerika IV's reign, 14 Tiassa (day 65).

* Tazendra has no clue how much shorter the days are, only that they feel shorter. So she's going with an 'a day is a day' philosophy.
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[Tazendra has not set up her inbox, so no message here]
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During the rationing... (early July '13)

Actions: Tazendra will be taken Evandu's advice and asking the kedan elders and shamans about the turtle's effects on powers. She also may, before being corralled by Bruce, take to general vigilante-ing any kedan obviously making trouble (such as the gangs).

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Later... (early August)

The pinnacle of the great tree shows much improvement upon any return, with the smallest of saplings sprouting along the outmost aged rings of the platform. The scent of spring floats upon the air, laced only by the sweet smoke of Zihl, who reclines in the sun in the middle of this topmost place. This is her place of solitude, where she can ruminate on the greater challenges in life than the mere mundanity of work-produce-sleep that occupies many, many other kedan.

Should Tazendra return here, Zihl will welcome her back and offer an inhalation of the sweet smoke from her pipe before inviting her to sit just above her head as she continues to lay and soak up the rays of the sun. Soon, she whispers, such joys will be deprived of me. Despite the mystery of her words, she refuses to elaborate upon them, turning instead to the subject of this visit.

Juulan is first requested, a tidy sum that she needs to exchange hands. Second is an oath that what she gives shall never be used against any sustained by the turtle, including the kedan. Third and final is a note that should Tazendra even try to use magics of agression to those that Tu Vishan breathes life into, there will appear a crack within it. Too many cracks and it shall break; Zihl cautions that she cannot recreate this.

And this? Well.

Zihl smiles and remaines supine, raising her hand into the air. She twists her fingers about and light catches upon something crystalline suddenly within her grasp. It is an amulet of sorts, formed from crystal and matching the dimensions of Tazendra's longest finger. Within there exists a small measure of liquid -- a liquid that bears no colour, and yet possesses all. Zihl wonders idly if it seems familiar to her, but shrugs off comments any similarities to amorphia this tiny vial's contents may possess.

Alchemy, she murmurs, is the means behind the madness. The crystal transmutes the energies in the air and stores it within. The greater the liquid, the more power contained. Mind its use, for it drains. Seven sleeps it may take to fill it whole, seventeen uses mundane before it drains dry. Hold it and think of it as what gives you power beyond this realm and so it may be tapped as such. But only you, dear one. Another holding it would hold only an amulet, devoid of liquid and devoid of life.

Then, done with her explanation, Zihl closes her eyes and her breathing evens out, a sunlit sleep overtaking her.
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Player Information:
Name: Stareyes
Age: 29
Contact: beccastareyes @ gmail or plurk
Game Cast: Zelgadis Graywords (Slayers)

Character Information:
Name: Tazendra
Canon: Dragaera series
Canon Point: At her death in Sethra Lavode
Age: Around 1000 years. This corresponds roughly to 1/3 of a normal Dragaeran lifespan.
Reference: http://dragaera.wikia.com/wiki/Tazendra

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[Leave any messages for Tazendra here.]
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NAME(S): Tazendra Lavode, Baroness of Daavya
AGE: Approximately 1000, this is about equivalent to a human in their 30s. Tazendra looks somewhat younger, as is common for those who study magic heavily.
FANDOM: Dragaera series (by Steven Brust)
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